Hosteria toledo

Vico Giardinetto 78
80132 Napoli
081 421257

We remember walking in the rain to find this restaurant, which our guide book had highly recommended. It was located in a little street off another little street, off the main road, which didn’t make it very easy to find, and we were very glad to get out of the rain when we finally found it.


Hosteria Toledo is a very family styled traditional Italian restaurant. The tables are very close to one another, and hence eating here is obviously a very cozy affair. Judging from the fan mail they’ve received, they are very, very popular.


We started off with a frito misto (mixed fried baby squid), which was nice and light. Love it!

We then had the Napoleon pasta, which was cooked with fresh pasta, which excited A a lot.  This was good, but wasn’t the most fantastic pasta dish we’ve ever had. However, it kind of felt right eating Napoleon pasta in Naples.


The other pasta dish we had was the baby squid pasta. This was the highlight of the meal. Once again, the pasta was fresh, and absolutely lovely. This dish was one of the best pasta dishes we’ve ever had, and despite it being many months ago that we had it, we can still construct the taste in our heads. It was bursting with baby squid goodness, and we absolutely loved it. It definitely made our walk in the rain worth it.

Service: 7/10
Food: 7.5/10

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