Il Brillo Parlante

Via della Fontanella 12
00187 Roma, Italy
06 324 3334

Once again, we followed our guide book to this restaurant. According to the guide book, the one dish that diners at Il Brillo must have is the goats’ cheese and honey with walnuts starter. Despite A’s protests (she hates cheese), I decided to have it, since I do like cheese, and with such a strong endorsement, there was no chance I was going to miss out on this.


The dish was served on a very warm plate, and even for a cheese lover like me, I felt that the cheese was slightly too strong. I could almost see and smell the goat with every bite. The walnuts helped distract from the cheese, by providing a slightly bitter taste which was quite welcome. The honey was poured generously over the whole entire thing, and gave a strong contrast to the cheese, but after a while, got too strong for its own good as well. Overall, I felt that indeed it is one dish that every diner should try when they’re at Il Brillo, as it is very special indeed, but it’s one dish that I would only try once.


A had the pasta with tomato sauce and minced beef, which came in a sauce that looked rather thick and gooey. It tasted quite nice though, and the fresh pasta was cooked perfectly al dente. We love our pasta to be cooked al dente, just like how the Italians do it, so this was very satisfying. My carbonara was good, but not as amazing as I hoped it would be. Rome, to me, is the best place in the world to have carbonara, but this plate of carbonara fell short. This was definitely not good enough to satisfy my search for the perfect plate of carbonara, and I left wanting more. My search for the perfect carbonara would take me to a few other restaurants, which will be featured in the next few posts.

Service: 7/10
Food: 6.5/10

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