I Buoni amici

Via Aleardo Aleardi 4
06 7049 1993

As long time users of Let’s Go guidebooks, we know from past experience that the food section in their city guides is very reliable. After all, it has brought us to amazing restaurants and fantastic foods, so we were confident that I Buoni Amici would be no different. However, we felt a little let down by our experience at I Buoni Amici.

Once we entered we saw the salad bar, with a huge variety of squid, olives, and some vegetables. The restaurant was quite empty when we first entered, but quickly filled up.


We ordered an octopus salad, which was rather nice, but it was as if it was just scooped from the salad bar a minute ago. It didn’t blow us away, mainly because it didn’t taste as fresh as it should have been.


Our frito misto (mixed fried seafood) came next. This looked quite promising. It was definitely far better than the octopus salad, and K loved the batter, which he felt help bring out the flavor of the calamari and the prawns.


Our vongole (clam) pasta was flavorful, but a huge let down because the pasta was not fresh. It might have been that we’ve been pampered silly by the plates and plates of fresh pasta we’ve been having all trip long, so we’re particularly critical to this plate of dried pasta, but we just felt that it didn’t hit the mark.


The most disappointing dish was the steak, which was just as dry as it looked, and cut rather thinly. The meager salad on the side was also sloppily chopped up and not one bit appetizing.

Overall, we felt that our calories would have been better saved for another carbonara at Grappolo d’Oro, and it was a shame that we spent it at I Buoni Amici. The food was not horrible, but considering the other fantastic options available, this one falls short completely.

Service: 7/10
Food: 6.5/10

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