Via dei Giubbonari 21
00186 Rome
06 6875287

When we visited Grappolo d’Oro Zampano, there was a sign outside the restaurant, showing a list of the top ten carbonaras in Rome. Grappolo was ranked only 4th, yet K already loved it to pieces. However, since the address of the restaurant selling the number one carbonara in Rome was provided on the sign, why stop at the 4th? So we made a special trip to Roscioli in search of the best carbonara in Rome (and possibly the best in the world as well).

Roscioli is a relatively small restaurant. The cured pork meats, cheeses, vinegar and olive oil bottles made this place seems more like a produce and wine shop on the outside. We did not make any reservation, but the benefit of travelling in pairs is that you get a table relatively easily and quickly without the need to reserve one.

Deciding on our dishes was not a problem at all. K was clearly there for carbonara, and only carbonara. Since I am not a huge fan of carbonara, I opted for La Matriciana o Amatriciana, which is a simple and traditional Italian pasta.


The carbonara served in Grappolo was so mind blowing that K could go on and on and on about it the whole day. I was really questioning the ability of Roscioli to bring that to the next level. But boy was I wrong. K felt that Roscioli did indeed serve a better plate of carbonara than that at Grappolo. The pasta was perfectly cooked, and the consistency of the carbonara sauce was fantastic. The bacon bits were also perfection, and they didn’t taste like your average bacon bits. They tasted almost like they were marinated somewhat. That’s attention to detail for you. K’s mecca in search for the perfect carbonara was complete. He was immensely satisfied. It’s amazing how mind blowing a simple plate of carbonara can be. The only down side is the price. Well, it’s not as if Roscioli is unaffordably expensive, but K felt that Grappolo gave the better value for money, even though Roscioli did have the better carbonara.


The La Matriciana o Amatriciana that I had was good. However, that was not the real reason why we were there. Nevertheless I enjoyed my plate of pasta, but all the more I enjoyed watching K savour his carbonara.

Service: 7/10
Food: 8.5/10

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