Þrír Frakkar

3 Frakkar Restaurant
Baldursgata 14
101 Reykjavík
+354 552 3939

As mentioned in our review of Bautinn Akureyri, when we travelled in Iceland we ate in restaurants very selectively. Þrír Frakkar was one which we read about in our guide book, and it was written that they serve seal meat. When we enquired, we were told that seal season was over, so they didn’t serve seal meat at that time in the year, which was a real bummer. However, since we were already there, we went ahead with ordering whatever we fancied from their rather extensive menu.


We had a sharing platter of traditional Icelandic starters to begin our meal. This included Whale belly (the white pieces on the top right corner), 2 types of caviar, cod liver (the white-ish thing between the 2 piles of caviar), herring 3 ways, some traditional brown bread, 2 types of pate, marinated seaweed (the black slices at the top left corner) and dried fish (a local snack, at the very top left corner).


This got me really excited, as I love all sorts of weird food, and having a platter like these that allows me to try everything at one go was fantastic. The whale belly wasn’t as fatty as I thought it would be, and the texture was like what I would expect to have if I bit into a sponge. The meat didn’t taste of much, and it was overpowered by the sour-ish dressing. The pates were both rather dry and hard actually, and I also didn’t like the dried fish and the seaweed, which was utterly tasteless.

The herring 3 ways was probably my favorite part of the platter. Each had a vastly different flavor from the other, and they were all very tasty. The caviar was also very good, and though a little too salty, went perfectly with the brown bread. The cod liver was also very yummy and oily.


We also ordered whale sashimi (Japanese style), which came with a few slices of salmon on the side (perhaps that was the Japanese style they were referring to). Having tasted whale meat in Akureyri we knew what to expect this time, and were very excited to try whale meat raw. It was definitely what we imagined it to be, with the texture of meat but with a (much stronger this time) fishy aftertaste. It was definitely not bad, but we’d gladly have salmon sashimi anytime thank you very much.


Having had some fantastic seafood soup in Iceland throughout our trip, we decided to give it a go again, and so we ordered some. This came with 2 of the largest and most wonderful slices of garlic and cheese bread. The soup was rich and creamy (which unfortunately wasn’t to A’s liking since she dislikes all creamy foods) and the garlic bread was heavenly.


For mains we had whale again, which was once again very nice. However, the highlight of our meal was our main course. We ordered the Icelandic lamb, which came with a generous serving of mushrooms and potatoes. This was definitely the best lamb we’ve ever had, and nothing has ever come close to topping it. It was just a very simple dish – very simply cooked and marinated, but the meat was oh-so-tender and juicy. We had to double check if it was indeed lamb that they served us. Turns out, in Iceland their farm-stock are allowed to roam around freely, and with very little air and water pollution around, the result is that they have the best lamb money can buy.

Service: 7/10
Food: 7.5/10

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