Tai Cheong bakery

32 Lyndhurst Terrace
2544 3475

Baked egg tarts or egg custard tarts are a very traditional snack in Hong Kong. A, with her very sweet tooth, loves them very much. Since we were in Hong Kong, we were determined to try the best ones around.


Our research led us to Tai Cheong bakery. It is apparently the most famous establishment in Hong Kong selling egg tarts, and even the last governor of HK, Chris Patten is a regular there. Egg tarts in Hong Kong have either puff pastry or short crust pastry.

Tai Cheong’s egg tarts come with the short crust pastry, which melts the moment it is inside your mouth. Their egg tarts are always freshly baked and warm when you buy them. The egg custard is smooth and rich, and there is a very nice fragrance to it. The taste is sublime. Every bite makes you longing for more.
Side note: it is rumored that they use lard to bake their tarts with, but the taste is so amazing you forgive them for the damage they’re causing to your arteries. Plus, we’re on holiday – holiday calories don’t count.


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