Tsui Wah

17-19 Pak Hoi Street
Yau ma tei, Kowloon
2780 8329

Shortly after landing in Hong Kong from Taiwan, we were starving. As there were typhoon warnings for the night, we decided to have our dinner somewhere closer to the hotel. When the hotel receptionist was approached, he suggested Tsui Wah restaurant without much hesitation.


Tsui Wah restaurant is a typical Hong Kong café, or cha chan ting. It is relatively well furnished and has air conditioning, which is perfect for that humid and hot summer weather. The menu is loaded with the usual hk café dishes – maggi mee noodles with egg or luncheon meat etc.


For his first meal in HK, K decided to have fried fish noodle soup. He loves soupy stuffs and that came as no surprise. His dish was not too spicy, and there was a generous amount of fish inside.


I had a plate of curry beef rice instead. The curry in HK has a very unique flavour, which you either like or you don’t. It is very different from Indian or malay curries, or those we get back home in Singapore. I think it’s due to the very different spices used over here in HK. Personally, I do enjoy this unique taste a lot. The beef had a very tender and smooth texture to it, which makes this plate of rice a very good start to our eating marathon in HK.


We also ordered a crispy fried wanton to share. It was nicely fried, and the meat had very good flavours too.

All in all, Tsui Wah restaurant is a good place for you to have a quick fix. The difference in the styles of food in HK and Taiwan is very clear. In Taiwan we were eating more street food, things that you can hold in your hand and walk around. They tend to be fried and more snack-ish. In HK however, there is a much higher level of culinary skill involved in the cooking. Restaurants tend to be of very high quality and the food is more of the sit-down-and-eat kind. Both kinds of food we enjoy very much, and in both countries there is a huge variety of food available. It’s no wonder we kept eating and eating while we were on this holiday.

Additional note: Tsui Wah has many branches across Hong Kong

Service: 6.5/10
Food: 6.5/10


2 responses to “Tsui Wah

  1. Why does this only get a 6.5… in my opinion this is like the best food in hk ever. Gosh such snobbish food critics..

    • Right. Woman, 6.5 is quite a good score k. Maybe you should bring us there and do the ordering to prove your point. But anyway, We think that the kau kee is the best place to eat in hong kong. Damn, we need to do the post soon.

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