Bei jiao ji dan zai

At the Hong Kong international airport, there are many brochures and food guides which are free for anyone to pick up. In one of the guides, we read that there is a famous ji dan zai stall which was a short walking distance from our hotel. So we decided to look for it on our way to the avenue of stars to watch the night show.

Bei jiao ji dan zai is a very small stall along the main street. With all the distracting posters hung and stuck on its signboard, it is really easy to miss it. However, the long queue in front it makes people stop to check this place out.

Since this was reported to be the stall with the best ji dan zai in HK, we waited for ours with great anticipation. However, it fell terribly short of our expectations. It tasted no different from any other ji dan zai we have had in HK. A happens to like her ji dan zai thin and crispy, which was the exact opposite of what Bei jiao ji dan zai offered.

However, to be fair, ji dan zai is not something that has a major wow factor for us. It’s something very traditional that children in HK love, so it could be that Bei jiao’s ji dan zai is done in a way that the locals appreciate and reminisce their childhood with. However, since we have little experiences with ji dan zai, it is hard for it for strike a chord within us, and we can only count on what we taste. Unfortunately, this didn’t taste very good at all. The flavour was too subtle and it was disappointingly dry.


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