Luk Yu Tea house

24-26 Stanley Street
2523 1970

Luk yu is one of the oldest and famous tea houses in Hong Kong. It has many loyal local supporters in which the first floor is unofficially reserved for. However, it is most well known for being the scene of the murder of a businessman by a Hong Kong triad.


We were one of the earlier customers to arrive, and looking clearly like tourists, we were ushered to the second floor. The room has a very colonial décor, furnished with wooden tables and chairs. Luk yu serves a variety of traditional dim sum and they were mostly good.


As usual, we had A’s favourite char siew bao which was piping hot and delicious, har gao and siu mai which were both good. Teahouses can’t go wrong with these dim sums, because if they do, they are not deserved to be called a tea house.


We also tried other dishes like the steamed pork ribs, a favourite of K’s, which came sitting in a conspicuous layer of oil, which kept the ribs scalding hot for a very long time. We had as well the beef balls, which we didn’t like. There was a strange spice used to marinate the beef balls which we weren’t used to. We tried the beef balls at another dim sum place in HK as well, and it tasted the same, with the same spice marinate. I guess our tastes just differ in this aspect.

Luk Yu is definitely not cheap. For the occasional treat it’s a very good place to go to, and for tourists a definite must go. According to, this is the best place in the world to have dim sum. We’re not sure if they’re right, but this place definitely ranks way up there in terms of the quality of their dim sum.

Service: 7/10
Food: 7/10


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