Wei ji porridge stall

In our first morning in HK, we jumped straight into our eating marathon. While we waited for Luk Yu Teahouse to open, we headed to Wei ji porridge stall to have some beef porridge.


Wei ji porridge shop sells all possible kinds of porridge. However, we went straight for their beef porridge as we read several good reviews about it. We also had a fried dough fritters to accompany it. Oh boy, that porridge was a fantastic way to kick start our appetite.


The porridge was smooth and silky. However, the element which made this bowl of porridge stand out was the beef in it.

The beef was almost rare, as if they had just stirred raw beef into the porridge and in the time it took for them to bring it to our table it slowly cooked from the heat of the porridge. It made the beef so tender and juicy. You could taste the excellent marinate in the meat. This was so good that it got K really excited for the remainder of our food marathon. According to many reviews, Wei Ji is the best place in HK to have porridge. We haven’t had the chance to try porridge in other shops, but indeed, this was a darn good bowl of porridge.

Food: 7.5/10


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