Shan shui beancurd

We went to Lantau Island where there is a huge Buddha statue sitting on top of the hill. However, the first thing we did when we arrive in Lan Tao Island, was to look for this amazing bean curd which A remembered having the last time she was here. We got there quite quickly, since it was on the way from the cable car station to the Buddha statue. It was slightly hidden from view by the construction barriers, but A’s fantastic memory meant that we found it without much trouble.


The bean curd is hand made, and it comes served either hot or cold. We went for the cold version, since it was a swelteringly hot summer’s day. We sprinkled some of this curious orange powder on our bean curd, and the result was a truly amazing bean curd dessert, probably the best I’ve ever had.


The bean curd was so soft and silky that it was hard to keep it on the spoon. A slight wobble and it would fall straight off. The orange powder was sweet and gave the bean curd a very unexpected texture. The contrast between the rough powder (probably sugar, though we’re not sure) and the smooth bean curd was genius. This was the perfect thing to have on such a hot day.

Food: 8/10


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