Wing Hop Sing

113-115 Jervois Street
Sheung Wan
2850-5723 or 2850-5726

We went to Wing Hop Sing Restaurant with quite high expectations. Their beef claypot rice was supposedly very good, and their milk tea was also highly recommended. We also read a review saying that their egg tarts are also one of the best around.


Those were the 3 things we ordered when we went to Wing Hop Sing Restaurant. This was more of a traditional HK tea house than a restaurant, and the interior was very simple and probably unchanged since the 1950s.


The egg tart was very good indeed. The pastry was simple and flaky and the egg custard was rich yet soft. We tried to ignore the fact that lard was used in the making of this fantastic egg tart. Things like that make you feel more health conscious than you would normally be, and ruin the meal. The milk tea was also nice, but quite average.



The long awaited beef claypot rice finally arrived after quite a long wait, and it came topped with a raw egg yolk. It looked pretty good, and while mixing it together the egg yolk slowly cooked with the heat of the rice.

However, it tasted completely plain and ordinary. This was completely undeserving of the high praises we’ve read from other reviews. The beef was nicely marinated for sure, but the rice was so ordinary that we were sure that it was cooked separately and just put in the claypot at the last minute. Claypot rice should be cooked in a claypot from start to finish, but this was clearly one where each component was cooked separately and assembled in a claypot in the end. It was very disappointing.

Service: 6/10
Food: 6/10

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