Augustiner Bräustuben

Landsberger Straße 19
80339 Munich
089  50 70 47

We were on our way to the Oktoberfest tents when we passed this beer hall. We were told that this was a good place for Bavarian food by our hostel, so we went in for dinner. It’s perhaps a very typical thing in Germany to have these beer halls, where lots of people gather to drink and maybe eat. Since it was Oktoberfest we thought that it would be impossible to get a seat, but it turns out that for Oktoberfest the party isn’t at these beer halls at all, but in the temporary tents some distance away from the main city center.

The service was actually quite bad. We were hardly noticed at all, despite there not being that many people in the beer hall. We had to gesticulate wildly to get anyone’s attention to ask for an English menu, and struggled to find a server around who would take our order. It was frustrating to the maximum.


We ordered (on top of our many beers) a liver soup, which was a strangely huge ball of minced up liver, that was tasty, but not in a very nice way.

We also ordered a mixed platter of pork knuckle, sausages, and other meats, with dumplings and sauerkraut. This was pretty good, but we felt that the pork knuckle paled in comparison to the one we had at Paulaner. The meat was quite tough, and the skin was not very crispy, in fact, it was quite chewy in parts. The roast chicken was quite nice though, as were the sausages. However, being served all in one (not very large) pan at the same time made it quite difficult to share (as it was meant to be) and quite messy to eat.

But the beer was good. In Germany, that’s one thing every place should get right.

Service: 5.5/10
Food: 6.5/10

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