Sushi Hiro

1 Station Parade
Uxbridge Road
Ealing W5 3LD
020 8896 3175

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday 11-1.30pm
Tuesday to Sunday 4.30-9pm

In one of the most unlikely places in London, all the way in Zone 3 is this gem of a restaurant. A couple of months back we drove over to Sushi Hiro after a road trip, and we were not given a table as they insisted they were fully booked. Frustratingly, the restaurant was almost empty, and we tried to persuade them that we eat quickly and would have been out in no time at all, but they refused to sit us at a table, and we had to resort to take out and eat in the car. Armed with this knowledge we made a reservation this time round, and we were very quickly ushered to our table.

Sushi Hiro is one of the most unpretentious, no frills restaurants you can ever find in London. It is bright and very simple looking, perfect for photographs. They serve the freshest fish, supposedly supplied by Atari-ya Foods (watch out for another post about this). There is no kitchen in Sushi Hiro, and everything they serve is made at the sushi counter right in front of your eyes.

We had the sashimi selection, which was glorious. The fatty tuna melted straight away in our mouths, and the shrimp was wonderfully sweet. The scallops too were surprisingly sweet, and overall this was almost the perfect sashimi platter. It would have been absolutely perfect had it salmon sashimi, which we love.

We ordered some a la carte sushi, and a sushi set, which we shared. Everything was extremely fresh and delicious. The uni (sea urchin) was divine, the ikura (salmon roe) was bursting with goodness, and the salmon sushi was to die for. Everything was excellent. K, who eats all the gari (pickled ginger slices) even felt that that was amazing. Every piece of sushi came with a generous topping, which was as fresh as you it could come, and which was in itself worthy of being a part of a sashimi platter.

In short, we cannot fault Sushi Hiro for their food. This is Japanese food at its very best. All the flavours were clean and they didn’t need to rely on any gimmicks to distract from their food. Such is the confidence they have in themselves that you have to simply give it up to them.

Service: 8/10
Food: 8.5/10

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