1 Blenheim Terrace
St. John’s Wood
London NW8 OEH
0 20 7328 5014

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday 12-2.30pm
Monday to Saturday 6.30-10.30pm
Sunday 6.30-10pm

Vineria is located in St John’s Wood, a very nice and quiet neighborhood, and is just a few hundred meters from the legendary Abbey Studios of Beetles fame. It was one of the highly rated restaurants on toptable. Making full use of the 50% offers on toptable, we went to check it out, with QJ.

It was a beautiful day, and the restaurant benefitted from all the goodness of natural light, having long glass windows and a nice white interior. We were among the few patrons for lunch that day, and had the fortune of being served by the manager himself, since there were only a few tables filled. Service was hence flawless, and it all made for a very pleasant lunch.

The basket of bread was filled with a selection of very nice bread. The quality of the bread came as quite a surprise to us, as in Italy we were always disappointed with the bread at almost every restaurant. At Vineria we had some very nice and soft bread, some with sun-dried tomato, and some with nuts.

Our starters were a very nicely done ravioli with squid ink and some excellent scallops. Both were very simple and elegantly presented.

For mains, QJ had pasta with truffle. This came with a very generous sprinkling of truffle, and we quickly picked up a piece of truffle each to try. When tried alone, the truffle tasted of earth and we wondered why anyone would enjoy it at all. However, when mixed in with the pasta, the earthiness gave a very nice profile to the dish.

We also had a very nice and creamy risotto, and a beautiful piece of Bistecca (steak). The steak was perhaps a little too over-done for our liking, but it was so absolutely delicious that we quickly forgot about it.

We were very happy with the food so far, and we decided to go for desserts. Many places fail on desserts, and we wanted to see how Vineria fared on this aspect. We ordered 2 tiramisus and a lemon tart. Both the desserts were sublime. The tiramisu was easily one of the best we have ever had. It was light yet firm, delicate and very satisfying. The lemon tart too was very good, and it came with some nice berries on the side.

Overall this was a very good meal, and it was surprising to us that it wasn’t as crowded as it should have been. The toptable offer made it incredibly affordable as well, and we’re definitely waiting for it to put up such an offer again, so that we can go back for another time.

Additional Comments: 50% discount on food if you book on

Service: 9/10
Food: 8.5/10


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  1. Thank youuu for this really good review! 🙂
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