Gelateria dei Neri

Via dei Neri 20-22r
Florence 50125
055 21 0034

It is almost a fact that the best gelato can be found in Italy, and of all the cities in Italy, the one with the highest quality of gelato is probably Florence. Indeed, every gelato we’ve had in Florence was fantastic, and believe me, we had many many gelatos (gelati?) in our 3 days in Florence. We practically had one before lunch, one after lunch, one for tea, one before dinner, and one after dinner. Of all the gelato stalls in Italy, our favorite would be Neri.


The selection of gelato at Neri is immense, and we had a very good time trying many of their flavors before deciding which ones we wanted to buy. The servers were nice and very patient with us. The gelato was definitely freshly made, and every one of them was full of natural flavor. The best thing is that Neri is located very near to Trattoria Anita, where we had our fantastic beef steak, so it was very convenient for us to pop by for dessert after a satisfying dinner, which made the meal just simply perfect.

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