75 avenue des Champs Elysées
75008 Paris

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday 7.30am-12am
Sunday 8.30am-12am 

Ladurée was somewhere we were really excited to go to in Paris. We made a reservation for noon, and being so excited to go there we were 15 minutes early. However, we were told we couldn’t be seated since they were not opened yet – what a bummer. This however, gave us the chance to look in the pastry shop, and we got a chocolate croissant as our pre-meal starter. That was not too sweet, and beautifully flaky.


At noon we were seated, and we ordered a pot of Jasmine Green Tea (yes, we are huge fans of green tea, we have it everywhere!) which was nicely fragrant, and a pot of hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was shockingly thick, and A couldn’t drink more than a few teaspoons of it before feeling like she was going to have a sore throat coming. I found it way too strong as well, and tried diluting it with some water, which helped make it more drinkable.


For mains we had 2 sandwiches. A had the Club Ladurée and I had the Club Saumon (salmon). Both of the sandwiches were going to be served with salad and chips, but since we’ve both given up chips (well, actually, we’ve given up potato snacks) for lent, we asked them to give us all salads instead. Both our sandwiches came with horseradish, which we didn’t enjoy very much (personal taste) but it was bearable. The sandwiches were alright, nothing to rave about, but I do have to add that my sandwich came absolutely loaded with salmon. It was truly a generous serving of salmon on my plate. We both commented that having just salad instead of salad and chips made it feel like an extremely healthy meal. (Yay to Lent!)


Being in Ladurée, there was no chance we could pass on having macaroons. We ordered a few macaroons: pistachio, lemon and praline, 2 of each. The macaroons were crispy yet soft, and the cream was a good addition for us to be able to appreciate the texture of the macaroon, yet not distract from it. Ladurée prides itself on its macaroons, and we can fully understand why.

Overall, we weren’t wowed by the food we had, but we would gladly go in for pastries and macaroons anytime.

Service: 7.5/10
Food: 7.5/10

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