15 Broadwick Street
London W1F 0DL
020 7494 8888

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday 12-11.45pm
Sunday 12-10.30pm

We’ve heard a lot about Yauatcha from friends, and one day we were walking towards Chinatown when we found this restaurant. The location was surprising to us, as it was so very near the red light district, but well, as long as the food is good, who cares? Note though, the entrance is not obvious, as there is no sign, apart from a tiny ‘push’ very much below eye level.

The dining room we were seated in was very well lit. The other dining room downstairs was really dark though, and very differently decorated. We preferred the brightness of the room we were in, though K noted that it seemed more like a modern Italian restaurant than a Chinese dim sum place. Indeed, the other diners around us were all well-dressed Westerners, and we were the only Asians. It definitely felt strange dining in a dim sum restaurant and being the only Asians there.

We had the Dragon well green tea, which was very fragrant and delicate. The food too was of a very high standard, and was definitely one of the best dim sum we’ve had in London. Every single dish we had came beautifully presented, and there was not one dish that we felt was just so-so.

The Venison Pastries were excellent, and being the expert in Char Siew Baos, I felt that they were definitely hand made and I was very happy with them. The Egg and Pork Congee was also very nice, and the salted egg yolk that was added in the congee made it special. K loved the Fried Prawn in Beancurd Skin and we both agreed that the little cut vegetables (probably kai lan) wrapped together with the prawns in the Cheong Fun was an inspired addition.

Our steamed dim sums were very good too. They came in little baskets with nice handles for convenient transport. The Har Gaos (steamed prawn dumpling) were very fresh, and the skin was of just the right texture. K absolutely couldn’t stop gushing about the Siew Mais, as he loved the strong mushroom flavour in them. The glutinous rice was more subtly flavored than what we were used to, but a little tip of the soya sauce rectified all that. (K insists that soya sauce brings out the flavour in everything) The chicken feet, which only K ate, were also apparently very good, though he complained about them being scaldingly hot.

The only disappointment we had was with their very limited dessert menu. For such a reputable Chinese restaurant, there was hardly anything Chinese about their dessert menu. They had macaroons and cake but none of the basic desserts one would find at a Chinese restaurant. 

Overall we were very happy with our meal at Yauatcha. The bill was surprisingly lower than what we’d expected to pay for such quality food, and we highly recommend this restaurant to everyone.

Additional Comments: 1 Michelin star

Service: 8/10
Food: 8.5/10

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