Addie’s Thai Cafe

121 Earl’s Court road
London SW5 9RL
020 7259 2620

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 12-3pm
Monday to Saturday 6-11pm
Sunday 6-10.30pm

We’ve been on the lookout for good Thai restaurants in London for a while now. Many of the Thai restaurants we’ve been to have been disappointing. We always feel that the food has been modified too much to suit Western tastes. We’ve never had, for example, a good Pad Thai that didn’t come cooked in tomato ketchup, or a curry that was truly spicy and kick-ass.

So when our good friend D recommended Addie’s Thai Café to us, we were naturally very skeptical. He assured us though that the food was very authentic, and if we didn’t like it, the meal would be on him. This got us pretty excited, and we did the mandatory google search for online reviews. We were very delighted to find that the opinions about Addie’s Thai Café online were mostly positive, and so we couldn’t wait to try it out for ourselves.

The restaurant is situated quite prominently near Earl’s Court Tube Station, and I was surprised by how renovated it looked. This is never a good sign for me, as I always feel that the authenticity of an Asian restaurant is somewhat linked to its tasteless décor. Thankfully, Addie’s Thai Café delivered on all accounts, and I just might have to revise my opinion on this.

A had a Milky Way, which was iced milk tea. This came in a nice tall glass, and we were all very intrigued by the distinct floral fragrance in the drink.


For starters we had the Money Bag Pastry, which was still sizzling as it was delivered to us. This was crispy and was quickly gobbled up. Being very adventurous, I insisted on ordering Goong Chair Nam Pla, which was a dish of raw prawns and fresh chili. What came was indeed a plate of raw prawns. This took a while to get used to, as we never thought that prawns could actually be eaten raw like that. Once we tried it though, we were absolutely sold. This dish was one of the most interesting things I’ve ever had, and I loved it. The spiciness of the sauce helped disguise the raw texture of the prawns, and it was an extremely successful dish.

We ordered too a Stewed Soup, which came in an almost bottomlessly huge bowl, filled with all the best bits that the pig had to offer – ribs, stomach, soft bones.. The herbs floating around in the soup got a little annoying to remove after a while, but we didn’t mind it as we simply couldn’t get enough of this delicious soup.

Our mains were also excellent. We ordered a Weeping Tiger, which was a Thai styled sizzling sirloin beef. This came with a wonderful sauce that went very well with our steamed rice, and the beef was tender and juicy. Our green curry was also top notch, and A noted that it tasted extremely home-made. The Pad Thai was indeed without any trace of tomato ketchup, and it was too very well received, though it could do with perhaps a little more bean sprouts and peanuts. D usually orders the Pad Kee Mao when he goes to Addie’s, and this was also very good. I loved the thick fried noodles, and the level of spice was perfect.

We decided to try one of their desserts – sticky rice with taro and ice-cream. This was nice, but definitely not the star of the night. I wished that they had mango or durian sticky rice, as that would have totally sealed the deal for me. Nevertheless, we think we’ll definitely be going back to Addie’s Thai Café quite a lot in the future for our authentic Thai fix.  

Additional Comments: Reservations are recommended, and make sure your party arrives on time!

Service: 7/10
Food: 8/10

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