3 Great Titchfield Street
London W1W 8AX
020 7436 0111

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday 12-10pm

K loves the soupy-noodley kind of food, so he was very interested to go to Pho, which serves, no prizes for guessing, Vietnamese food. We liked it so much that we went back the next day, so this post combines both our experiences there.

Once again, as with Addie’s Thai Café, the interior looked quite modern, which didn’t lead us to think that it would be authentic Vietnamese. I myself have no experience with Vietnamese food, so I can’t comment on the authenticity, but I can say that the food was good. K thought that it was good as well, but he too is no expert on this cuisine. What we can comment on is the taste, and that we liked.

We had their deep fried vegetable spring rolls. These came with a tasty dipping sauce, and the spring rolls oozed with juice as they were bitten into. We also had the prawn rolls, which came wrapped in clear rice paper. These I didn’t like, as they had too much coriander/mint leaves in them. K loved them though, and thought that they were very fresh and refreshing. On our second visit we had the crepe with prawn and chicken (only available in evenings) which was large enough for a main if you’re not a big eater. The beansprouts in the dish were absolutely delicious, and the crispy crepe went really well with the dipping sauce.

For mains we had the spicy beef brisket pho, the sliced beef pho in clear soup, and the fried flat noodles with chicken. All these came, to K’s delight, with a serving of raw beansprouts on the side. The spicy beef brisket pho looked fiery, but was surprisingly mild. The beef brisket was tender, and we loved it so much we ordered it on both visits.

K absolutely loved the pho in clear soup. He threw in the little fresh cut chilies that were served on the side and the raw beansprouts and dug in with gusto. He felt that the sliced beef was not as yummy as the beef brisket, and made a note to order the beef brisket the next time. (You can get the clear soup with brisket instead of sliced beef.) The pho itself (the noodles) weren’t the most fantastic in the world, but the entire combination of the huge bowl of piping hot noodles and the beansprouts, and the spice, made it comfort food.

We tried the fried flat noodles with chicken on our second visit, and were quite disappointed by it. It was almost tasteless, and reminded us of pad thai, but utterly without character. I’d recommend you go to Addie’s Thai Café for better fried flat noodles.

K had the coffee with condensed milk, which was very rich and good.

Overall, this place is very good for a cheap quick meal. It was very surprising how quickly they got your order to you – there was almost no wait at all. (Though we have to add that they forgot our order the first time we were there, but once they realized it, our orders came almost immediately.) Stick to the noodle soups definitely, and you can’t go wrong.

Service: 7.5/10
Food: 7/10


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