33-41 Charlotte Street
London W1T 1RR 
0207 436 9440

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday 12-11pm
Sunday 12-10.30pm

Zizzi is another of those restaurants along Charlotte Street which we’ve always wanted to try, but never got around to doing so. It’s always packed during lunch or dinner, and for the both times we were there: on a Wednesday night, and then subsequently on Thursday afternoon, there were queues outside.

We’ve got to say, Zizzi has now become one of our favourite budget places to go to. The offer on studentbeans.com makes it even more affordable. In fact, as compared to ICCo just a few meters away, this isn’t that much more expensive if you take advantage of the offer. Plus, you get service, free tap water, and a wider variety of foods to choose from.


We had the calamari rings as a starter. These came in a regrettably small bucket. The calamari was very thinly sliced, and needed a little salt, but the garlic dip was heavenly. The portion could definitely have been bigger – and indeed, you can have a bigger bucket of calamari as a main for a slightly higher price (not included in the offer though).


On our second visit we had the antipasto platter for 2. This totally made K’s day. He loves having all these cured meats, and olives, and bread sticks, and cheese, so this was his idea of a perfect starter platter.


For mains I had the steak, which was just so-so. On the back of our experience at Chez Fernand, this was most disappointing. The steak had some unpleasantly tough bits, and the sides (potatoes, green beans) were uninspired and simply average.


The pizza however, was fantastic. There’s the option of adding about 2 pounds to ‘upgrade’ your pizza to a “rustica” style, which is a thinner dough pizza, hence being more stretched, allowing for more space for more toppings. Needless to say, we went for this option with our Sofia pizza (included in the offer), which was pizza with meatballs, chicken, green peppers and pepperoni. The crust was very crispy and thin, and we were both surprised by how huge the pizza was. There was a generous amount of toppings, and the meatballs were fantastic. The chicken however, was slightly dry.

On our second visit, K had the Calzone, with meatballs. Once again, we were surprised by how large this was, and we were so stuffed that we had to takeaway what we couldn’t finish. (Strangely, the chicken reheated very nicely in our oven, and I thought that the reheating actually improved the texture of the chicken!) We both loved the dough, and K noticed their garlic and cheese spread over the calzone, which he enjoyed very much.

We tried 2 of their desserts the first time we went. Both were very average. K’s tiramisu was a little too soggy, and my fig, plum and pistachio tart with vanilla ice cream was just mediocre. We skipped dessert on our second visit.

Zizzi has other mains like pastas and salads which we didn’t try. However, on the strength of their pizzas we think we’ll gladly stick to that when we visit again.

Service: 7/10
Food: 7/10


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