24 Inverness Street
Camden Town
London NW1 7HJ
020 7485 9100

Haché has been given extremely good reviews for its burgers, by many food blogs. We went there today for dinner. Did it live up to the hype? Definitely so.


Haché is on Inverness Street, just behind the stalls at Inverness Market at Camden. In the day it would be easy to miss it, as the market definitely gets more attention than the restaurants behind it. At night though, when the stalls are gone it’s possible to see Haché from the main road. The restaurant isn’t very big, and the tables are slightly too close to one another. However, this makes for a very informal dining experience, and we didn’t mind getting a ‘preview’ of what our food would look like by glancing at the table beside us.

We ordered the All Day Breakfast (Bacon, Portobello Mushroom topped with a fried egg) and the Cheeseburger (Topped with two slices of premium melted Mature Cheddar Cheese) with English Garlic Button Mushrooms toppings added extra. We also got the Potato Wedges (with garlic mayo and salsa) and the Onion Rings.

All our food arrived together, and what a sight it was. The burgers were enormous, the potato wedges looked fantastic, and even the onion rings were massive. We took our first bite into the burgers, and understood immediately why this place is so highly regarded. The burgers were the best we’ve ever had. The meat patties were cooked just the way we wanted it – medium, and tasted of real meat. It was a beautiful piece of thick, juicy, proud meat. This was as masculine a patty as it could get. The manliness of it all was quite exhilarating.


Both our burgers were excellent. The All Day Breakfast came with a fried egg, which was slightly runny, and hence perfect in my books, and the Portobello mushroom really made it special. Surprisingly, the bacon took very much a backseat in this burger – I usually find myself drawn to, and focusing on the bacon in any dish that contains it, but not this one. Every component went well together to create that perfect burger. The Cheeseburger was also excellent, and the Garlic Mushrooms we added on as toppings, but which came as a side, were very good too. We thought that the buns were not too hard, and allowed the meat to fully shine. They managed to hold our burgers together throughout the meal, so kudos for that!


Our potato wedges were crispy and yummy, and the garlic mayo and salsa dip was good too. We had a little issue with the onion rings though – we felt that they were slightly too big, and we got sick of it quite quickly. This was the only thing we didn’t finish, but that could also have been because we were very, very full by the time we finished our burgers.

We feel that Haché fully deserves every single positive review about its burgers. We intend to check out the other burger places that have been given good reviews to judge properly if this place serves indeed the best, as they claim to be.

Service: 7/10
Food: 7.5/10

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