Bugis Street

140 Courtfield Road
London SW7 4LH
020 7411 4234

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday 12-10.30pm

K first heard about Bugis Street a few years ago when he first came to London to study. His friend told him about the buffet lunch she went to on Sunday which had a kick-ass Laksa, shiok and powerful.

We were quite surprised to find out that the buffet costs only £7.95. Besides the chinese buffet in Chinatown, finding an all-we-can-eat buffet at only £7.95 is quite a steal. For a hotel restaurant (this is at Millennium Gloucester), we were expecting the buffet to be much more expensive. Anyway, we decided to give it a try with QJ.


We couldn’t find the restaurant initially, and went into Millennium hotel to ask for directions. They told us that we had to walk around the perimeter of the hotel to get to it. The décor of Bugis Street resembles Singapore in the 1960s. K thought that such portrayal of Singapore would give tourists a rather unrealistic impression of Singapore. We also realised that majority of the clientele in the restaurants were Singaporeans or Malaysians (distinctly from their accent).

The food was quite a disappointment for me. There wasn’t a wide spread of food, and the quality was just mediocre, if not bad. There was a section for Laksa and something which we assumed to be a ‘Gado Gado’ counter, and a few trays of fried rice, char kway teow and random items not different from any typical Chinatown buffet.


I had the Laksa which looked rather decent. However, it was very salty. The only good thing about it was that it had proper fishcakes which we missed. The noodles weren’t the authentic thick bee hoon but kwey teow. Such lack to attention was disappointing, and the salt level was almost disgusting.


There was also a Char kway teow looking dish. It tasted rather flavourful. However, I would call it fried hor fun rather than char kway teow because none of the key ingredients of a char kway teow were in it, besides the kway teow and bean sprouts. There were no cockles, or Chinese sausages. However, it was definitely very flavourful, but I guess I can do better.

QJ was drawn to the corner with many bowls of vegetables and sauces. She made a pseudo Gado Gado from the ingredients, using potatoes instead of the ketupat. It tasted alright to me, but she liked it.

The remaining dishes were more Chinese than Singaporean/Malaysian. There was egg fried rice, beef, fried chicken, vegetables and ribs. There was nothing special about these dishes, and I was getting more and more disappointed and overwhelmed by the salt content with every mouth of the food. K liked the fried chicken very much though, and took many pieces of that, and was very disappointed when they did not replenish the tray with more chicken, but brought out a tray of vegetables instead.

All in all, this meal was like an overdose of salt. The food was too salty and the selection was very limited. I would rather they provide a wider and better selection of food at a higher price, than the current cheap but mediocre tasting buffet. That being said, they do ala carte orders with a variety of Straits food. Those might taste better, but the buffet has put us off enough from going back again.

Service: 6.5/10
Food: 5/10


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