40 Shorts Gardens
London WC2H 9AB

We were walking around Covent Garden when we saw a man carrying a sign pointing to this little gelato place just off Monmouth Street. It was a beautiful sunny day, and having a gelato just seemed like the perfect thing to do, so we headed in that direction without any hesitation.


We had 2 cones each. I had a mix of 2 flavors: chocolate and biscottini. K had a mix of pistachio and hazelnut. Both came with the most generous double scoops of ice cream we have ever had. From then on we were racing against time to finish our gelato before it melted. For £2.80 a cone (2 scoops), this was incredible value for money. We think though, that once word gets out they’ll soon reduce the amount of ice cream they dish out per scoop, but till then this is quite unbeatable.


The gelato was very smooth. K felt that it was really wonderfully creamy, but then again, according to the information displayed on their signboard each serving of 2 scoops contains 180 kcal (110 kcal for 2 scoops of sorbet) . It’s quite hard to imagine how such a creamy gelato can have so few calories, but I don’t think anyone’s complaining! Anyway, the flavors aren’t particularly strong – after a while the pistachio and hazelnut just blended into one indiscernible mix, and the chocolate and biscottini also soon became one. However, we truly enjoyed them, and will probably pop by to have more if we happen to be in the neighborhood.

2 responses to “Scoop

  1. i was about to whine about how i wanted Scoops too, but then i’ve been at Daily Scoop almost twice a week and I’ve had flavours like brandied figs and honey, honey vanilla, purple rice, kaya toast (yes kaya toast flavour ice cream that not only tasted deliciously of kaya but also had bits of toast in it…sheer indulgence), salted caramel etc….ok so i guess i cant complain :p

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