97-99 Wardour Street
London W1F 0UD
020 7297 9390
As far as we’ve heard, Byron seems to be very often mentioned side-by-side with Hache, which we loved when we went there. Burger joints are aplenty in London, with the likes of GBK, Hamburger Union etc. We wanted to find out how Byron stacks up as compared to those places. We went there with our housemate LM, as well as TW and E who just arrived from Singapore this afternoon and are also staying with us for their time in London.


The menu was extremely limited. I really missed the wide selection of meats and fillings available at GBK and even at Hache. There were literally only 6 options for burgers at Byron – classic, cheese, Byron (with bacon), skinny (bun-less), chicken and vegetarian. Of the 6, the last 3 were immediately out of the running, so essentially there were only 3 burgers for me to choose from. 4 of us went for the classic, and LM went for the vegetarian. I would definitely have liked to have more options to choose from. We ordered a side of skinny chips and chunky chips.


The food arrived very quickly. LM’s vegeburger was pretty good. The single Portobello mushroom was simple, yet intense. The mushroom was very good in fact. The classic burgers were just only slighty above average though. I felt it was quite a letdown.

There was no excitement in the burger as we experienced in Hache. In Hache, we loved the huge towering burger filled with probably the best beef patty we have ever had. There was a joyous celebration of primal meatiness in Hache. In Byron, even the pickle placed on the side of the burger seemed like an afterthought. The simplicity of just having a classic burger on a plate and a slice of pickle was not what I was expecting. Taste-wise it was not too bad, but definitely a far cry from the excellent burgers we had at Hache. Also, around the side the burger got quite dry and the meat could have been more medium.


The chips were pretty good actually. The skinny fries were a huge hit. Skinny fries are a super underrated thing in UK for some strange reason. The last time I went to GBK I found out that they discontinued serving skinny fries and only do the chunky version. I was crushed. The chunky fries at Byron are not bad at all as well, but I just prefer skinny fries to chunky fries anytime.

Overall it was an alright meal at Byron. The vegeburger was pretty good, and the classic burger was just about decent. However, as compared to its competition, Byron has a lot of catching up to do. We didn’t hang around for desserts.

Service: 7/10
Food: 6.5/10

One response to “Byron

  1. Oh! I thought this was going to be about the author of Don Juan.

    I will not dwell upon ragouts or roasts,
    Albeit all human history attests
    That happiness for man—the hungry sinner!—
    Since Eve ate apples, much depends on dinner.

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