Il Gelato di San Crispino

V. della Panetteria 42

Renowned as the best gelato in Rome, a scoop from San Crispino’s is worth throwing a coin into the Trevi fountain, so claimed our guidebook. Our experience couldn’t have been more different.


There was just one server in the shop, and he was probably the most unfriendly person ever to work in the service industry. He served the gelato in record time, scooping it and literally throwing it on the counter. No hellos, no can-I-help-yous, no thank-yous, not even a smile offered. You had to put the money on this little tray and not anywhere else, or he would mutter a not-so-subtle curse under his breath. I absolutely kid you not. The sitting area was fenced off, and he literally scolded anyone who tried to enter. This was the worst example of customer service (or lack of) that we have ever experienced. It was just shocking beyond words. This horrible server also got LM’s order wrong. She wanted dark chocolate chip, and was given dark chocolate, and insisted that the gelato he gave her was dark chocolate chip when it clearly wasn’t, since the tub of dark chocolate chip was on the opposite end of the counter from where he scooped the gelato from. When A went after LM and ordered dark chocolate chip, he went to the correct end of the counter this time and scooped from the dark chocolate chip tub. We were just disgusted.


As for the gelato, we were unimpressed. We tried to be objective and not let the horrible experience in the shop affect our opinion on the gelato, but we still felt that this was definitely undeserving of the title of best gelato in Rome. We would rather cross over the river and walk to the Vatican City to have gelato at The Old Bridge than have gelato at Crispino. The gelato was icy, as if it had not been kept at the right temperature, and froze when it was re-introduced into the proper temperature. The mango tasted artificial, and the pistachio was a little too chunky. The dark chocolate was nice though, but not worth the short walk from the Trevi Fountain at all.

Overall, this was a completely waste of time, money and calories. The gelato is not cheap as well – the cups are easily the smallest I’ve ever seen in all of Italy. To sum it up in four words: DO NOT GO THERE.

Additional Comments: We were there on a Tuesday yet it was opened, but as mentioned, we weren’t allowed to the seating area, so perhaps there’s just a limited service on Tuesday.

Service: 2/10
Food: 5/10

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