Old Bridge Gelateria

Vatican, V. dei Bastioni d. Michelangelo 5

This is just a tiny hole in the wall, just across the street from the bend in the Vatican museum’s outside wall. This is probably our favourite gelato place in all of Rome. It is also extremely conveniently located, and it would be a very good idea to get your gelato at The Old Bridge, and eat it while you walk into the Vatican City, or queue for the museum.


The first time we were here we had our gelato in a cone, and the portions were so huge that it was literally a battle against time to finish it before it melted right in our hands. This time round we had our gelato in a cup. The pistachio was fantastic, with the correct amount of little bits of pistachio, yet still maintaining the smooth, creamy texture of the gelato. The hazelnut was also very good – not as intense to overpower the pistachio, yet still strong enough to impress.

The fruit flavours we tried were also very nice. In particular, the banana was simply divine.

Food: 7.5/10

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