Via delle Oche, 24-red
50122 Firenze
055 216158

S brought us to this gelateria very near the duomo in Florence. It was quite early in the day, a little surprising to have gelato then, but hey, when in Florence the gelato is so good that I would have it for breakfast if I could.


Grom serves very good gelato indeed. The gelato is handmade, and there is a live demonstration to the side of the shop for tourists to see the gelato making process. We had the hazelnut, pistachio, melon and stracciatella. Everything was heavenly. The stracciatella was a little too subtle, and the white chocolate could be slightly stronger, but it was still pretty good. We seem to have developed a liking for the flavor combination of pistachio and hazelnut, and we have started using this combination as a control to test the quality of a gelateria.

Grom passes with flying colours. The gelato here is very smooth and really top-grade. The bits of hazelnut and pistachio really add flavor and complement the texture of the gelato. In the land of a million gelaterias, this is one of the best. We liked it so much we went out of our way to go back for more on our second day in Florence.

Food: 7.5/10

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