The Anchor and Hope Gastro Pub

36 The Cut
London SE1 8LP
020 7928 9898

We went to The Anchor and Hope with a friend of K’s and her fiancé. This is a gastropub located near Southwark Tube Station, and they do not take any reservations. (Apparently they get really busy. We were there very early, so the place was virtually empty when we arrived.) There were a few items on the menu which caught K’s attention (for better or for worse), for example the deep fried pigs head, and rabbit offal on toast. It was quite an easy decision to go for the Seven Hour Swaledale lamb shoulder, with peas, mint and aioli. According to the menu, it is good for 5 to share, so we didn’t order any sides to go with it. We were told that it would take about 25 minutes before it would be served.


When it arrived it looked gorgeous. It smelt heavenly as well. It was big on flavor, and the huge chunks of meat were a dream come true. The meat was tender and juicy, (from all that 7 hours cooking) and just slid off the bone. It was easily one of the best lamb dishes we’ve ever had (though the Iceland one still remains our absolute favourite ever). The vegetables and broth were definitely on the salty side, and after we got over the initial wow factor we noticed the amount of oil in the broth, but K clearly didn’t mind, and he finished every last bit of food left on the plate, peas and all.

Overall this was probably one of, if not the best experience with British food we’ve ever had. It should be quite obvious from a quick glance at the tabs column that we are not big on it. One of our French friends once told us that he’d rather die than eat British food. We don’t exactly feel quite as negatively towards the food of this great nation, but it’s no secret that we don’t find it very interesting at all. There are no exciting flavours or culinary techniques involved in the British food we’ve come across so far. Our meal at The Anchor and Hope hasn’t changed our opinion on British food, but it has at least given us a very positive experience with this cuisine, and we’re very glad that we went there and ate what we did.

Service: 8/10
Food: 7.5/10

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