7 Archer Street
0207 287 5555

Tucked away in a small street parallel to the ever-happening Shaftsbury Avenue is a gelato shop called Gelupo. Run by the same people as Bocca di Lupo just across the street, a (supposedly) very good Italian restaurant (we don’t know, we’ve never gone there to eat before), it sells gelato, sorbets and granitas, with a contemporary take on traditional flavours and techniques. (Personally, I just find that sentence really confusing, almost oxymoronic, but that’s what it said on their website, so here’s a huge SIC.)


We had, as we usually do, the hazelnut and pistachio flavor. We found the pistachio flavor really light and subtle, quite nice, but if it was slightly stronger we would have liked it better. Almost around the corner is Scoop, which we tried a while back (at their other branch in Covent Garden), and we much preferred that version since the pistachio was far more present in the gelato.


The hazelnut was definitely hazelnut-ty, but A complained that it was far too sweet, and that it was probably the sweetest hazelnut flavoured gelato she’s ever had. Well, perhaps, but since the pistachio was so muted I didn’t mind having a lot of flavor and taste in my mouth at all with the hazelnut. J

 Service: NA
Food: 6.5/10

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