Gourmet Burger Kitchen

This is probably one of the places in London with 2-for-1 offers all year round. In fact, we don’t remember going to GBK and having to pay full price for our burgers EVER.

The burgers at GBK are pretty good and definitely extremely good value for money if you factor in their awesome 2-4-1 deal. However, having eaten at Hache, which offers probably the best burger we’ve had in London so far, the burgers at GBK fall a little short. Then again, the burgers at Hache are more expensive, and they don’t seem to do any budget friendly 2-4-1 deals at all.

The burger that K always goes for is the Avocado and Bacon burger, which is a towering creation of lettuce, tomatoes, a huge serving of guacamole, bacon, and a beef patty. The bun is lightly toasted, and is able to hold the filling quite well throughout your meal. That is, of course, if you’re skilled enough to eat your burger and not have it completely fall apart.

A lot of skill and practice is required to keep your burger looking like a burger till your very last bite. The gigantic satay stick that skewers your burger is the key. You hold the skewer and the burger, and cut portions from your burger like you would a pizza. Keep the stick in your burger, and don’t be afraid to apply lots of pressure to the buns while you cut around it – that way you don’t end up with a pile of deconstructed burger on your plate.

The beef patty isn’t the most phenomenal thing you’ll ever eat – it’s probably a cheaper grade ground beef as compared to the ones at Byron or Hache, but we really like the variety of burgers offered at GBK. While Byron has just about 6 burgers on their menu, GBK has easily twice that. The avocado and bacon burger provides many different textures and tastes – smooth and creamy from the guacamole, crunchy from the bacon, fresh and crisp tastes from the lettuce and tomatoes, and a good smoky aftertaste from the patty.

A favourite of A’s is the Habanero burger. This is spicy and tangy, and is full of flavor. The sauce can be a little too spicy on some days, but if you can handle the heat, this is one incredibly tasty creation.

Fries and onion rings can be ordered on the side. They used to serve skinny fries, but it seems like they’ve pulled that out of their menu and only offer chunky fries nowadays. Onion rings are a little too oily, but are really huge and fun (read: messy) to nibble on while you sip your rather diluted milkshake.

Overall, GBK is a good, budget friendly place to have a burger and hang out. They are extremely willing to cater to large groups – K once went with a group of 20+ people and they somehow managed to make space in the dining room for a massively long table and didn’t complain when the group sat around till around closing. Definitely worth a visit to take advantage of the 2-4-1 offers!

Service: NA
Food: 6.5/10

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