Why oh why have we always walked past Yog and never gone in?!?!? Simple answer: we tried another frozen yogurt chain, Snog, at Westfield once and found it too sour, so we didn’t think we’d like Yog, but we’re definitely kicking ourselves for not discovering this place earlier than we did. In the span of 1 week we’ve been to Yog 6 times, and we just can’t get enough of it!

The frozen yogurt at Yog isn’t sour like Snog’s, and it’s really smooth and just about sweet enough to excite your palate. There are 2 flavours: original and pomegranate, both of which are light and refreshing. A variety of toppings are available (at additional cost) to make your froyo more exciting. We love the little mini oreos (the unhealthy option is always unfortunately the most yummy), bananas (make sure you get the fresh ones), strawberries, and K likes the passion fruit seeds.

This is the perfect place to hang out and have a little healthy dessert. Without going into too much detail, A insists that the frozen yogurt here at Yog is really good for regular bowel movements, if you know what I mean, so that’s another great reason to start hunting for the nearest Yog to you.

Service: NA
Food: 8/10

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