Bryon II

This is the first time we’re putting a re-review of somewhere we’ve eaten at. The first time we went to Byron we didn’t think it was particularly good, so we gave it a 6.5 on food. We found the menu un-inspiring and the burgers decent, but nothing much to scream about. Many other food blogs have reviewed the burgers at Byron, and to our knowledge, they’ve all been giving it high praises. Every time we read yet another glowing review of Byron we cringe and wonder what the hell we missed out on that visit. So we decided to give it another shot, and do another review on it.

The menu is still as boring as ever. We settled on having a classic burger and with it 2 sides – macaroni and cheese, and a serving of skinny fries. The skinny fries were awesome, probably the best fries available in London by far – crispy and light, and they were mysteriously addictive. The macaroni and cheese needed a good sprinkle of salt to bring it to life. It was decent – was expecting more flavor from the cheese and a harder crust. (Yes, I love my cheese slightly burnt.)

The burger was simple and classic, just as it was advertised. The beef patty was very good – definitely many grades better than the one at GBK, and overall it was nice how such a simple burger could taste so good. We definitely think that presentation-wise much more could be done than to leave 2 slices of pickles on the plate as if they were an afterthought, but it seems like we’re the only people who think that way. Also, we definitely wished that we could have had more variety to choose from.

Byron has moved up half a point on food since our last review, and it now stands half a point above GBK, but half a point below Hache. Such a ranking is quite fair we think: the burgers at Hache are indeed better than the other 2; and we’ll forgive the lack of variety at Bryon in view of their better burger and place it just an inch above GBK.

Service: 7/10
Food: 7 /10

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