Curry Competition

K received an email from Malaysia Kitchen inviting him to sign up to be a judge for a Malaysian curry competition, held at 54, a Malaysian restaurant at Farringdon. He responded immediately, but we were still unable to get a reservation for dinner, so we had to settle for lunch instead. (Damn those people who check their emails more regularly than we do!) Anyway, 4 restaurants were featured in the competition, and each submitted a curry for the tasting.

Ayam Bintang (Chicken Curry) from Bintang (in Camden):

Not bad, but not rich enough. The curry was very thin, but fortunately, the flavor was pretty good. 7/10

Potato Curry from Bonda Café (in Sussex Garden):

This was our least favourite curry of the 4. (Don’t you find it strange why people say ‘least favourite’ when they actually mean ‘most disliked’? Kind of misleading isn’t it since it suggests that the subject in question is actually considered a ‘favourite’ when it isn’t at all?) So what we really mean is that we didn’t like this curry at all. The potato wasn’t cooked very well and there was very little flavor in the curry at all. 4/10

Malaysian Chicken Curry from C&R Café Restaurant (in Bayswater):

The curry was a little too watery, and it was a little sweet. We would have preferred a little more salt in the curry and a thicker consistency, but we liked the addition of potatoes in the curry. 5/10

Kari Kambing (Lamb Curry) from Makan (in Portobello Road):

This was our favourite. We loved the strong flavours and the nice thick consistency of the curry. Lamb is definitely a good meat to use in a curry, so this entry benefitted from its choice of meat. We found that there was a little too much oil though. 8/10

Overall this was a nice event, but we felt that it could have been better organized. We were pretty much left to ourselves the moment we sat down, and it would have been nice if we had individual portions instead of having to share the curries family style with this other diner we’d never met. (Thankfully she was a vegetarian, so the only curry she could eat was the one we didn’t like anyway! A took a sneaky peak at her score card, and she gave a really high rating to the potato curry, which just goes to show what awesome things vegetarians miss out on by not eating meat..ha! Yes, we’re unapologetic for our views towards vegetarians, deal with it.)

Service: NA
Food: NA

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