Euston Chinese Restaurant

40 Doric Way
London NW1 1LH
0207 387 2518

Oh don’t let the website fool you. There is no way Euston Chinese Restaurant is a ‘sophisticated, stylish and comfortable restaurant’, and the only reason why you’d bring someone there for a business lunch or a romantic dinner as the website would suggest you do, is if you never want to see your dining partner ever again. Someone should really sue them for giving such false impression of themselves. The notion that they’re actually expecting advance party bookings is just staggering. Talk about delusions of grandeur! And don’t get me started on those photos on the website!

The truth: Euston Chinese Restaurant is a dodgy looking, dirty little Chinese restaurant in the basement of housing block, the kind of place you’d be hesitant to even call a restaurant, and probably the last place you’d expect to have a website. We were staying at a friend’s place along Doric Way, and since we didn’t feel particularly hungry and were quite lazy to walk anywhere else to eat, we decided to pop in for a quick bite, fully expecting to have a lousy meal. Well, we did indeed get a lousy meal as we expected, but it was only when we got back and looked at their website and realized the discrepancy between what is promised by the website and what is actually delivered that really got us riled up.

Food is cheap at Euston Chinese Restaurant, and there’s a good reason for that – the food isn’t very good. Every order comes with a complimentary appetizer of either Fried Chicken Wings or Spring Rolls, and though the website mentions a minimum spending of £10 per person, it didn’t seem to mind them that we only spent about £5 each. The Fried Chicken Wings were nicely fried, and we really liked the fried garlic which accompanied the wings, but that, and the diet coke were the only good points of the meal.

Our mains were the Fried Noodles in Hokkian Style and the Bee Hoon Goreng. The Bee Hoon Goreng was just so-so, and the Fried Noodles were definitely not done Hokkian Style and smelt funny.

These two dishes were an absolute insult to Malaysian Cuisine, and overall this was the single worst meal we’ve ever had in London. Avoid at all cost.

Service: 5/10
Food: 4.5/10

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