Golden Gate Dessert House

This is a really lovely little (and oh yes we mean little – there is probably room for at most 20 people in this café-ish place) dessert house along Shaftesbury Avenue. Everything in the menu is quite cheap, and they serve some nice desserts and don’t seem to mind if you sit around and chat, even if you’ve only spent like, £2 per person.

The mango pudding is quite nice, but if you go for the ‘regular’ you’ll have it without condensed milk, which is quite pointless if you ask me – mango pudding needs the condensed milk to give it some oomph. The pudding is not the most awesome you’ll ever have, but it’s good enough for the price you’re paying.

We absolutely love the bean curd at Golden Gate Dessert House. This is smooth and silky, and even comes with a little jug of sugared syrup for you to customize the sweetness level, and a container of this lovely (cane?) sugar for you to add some wonderful texture to your velvety smooth bean curd. The only other place we’ve seen serving this sugar accompaniment is at Shan Shui Beancurd on top of the hill at Lantau Island in Hong Kong, so you can imagine how excited we were to see this again!

We’ve also tried the mango shaved ice, which was not quite as good as we hoped. The shaved ice was extremely inconsistent, and contained perhaps more chunks of ice than fine shavings, and the mango wasn’t all that fresh. Most appalling though was this chocolate cake that D had – it was just a swiss roll dipped in some chocolate, which was very disappointing, and it didn’t even taste very nice at all. Considering their wide selection of cakes on display at the counter you’d think that cakes would be their forte, but we think you’d be better off sticking to the beancurd instead.

Service: 7.5/10
Food: 6.5/10


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