It was our first (full) day in New York, and we wanted breakfast. Being huge fans of Top Chef, we decided to check out as many restaurants and eateries associated with the contestants or judges of Top Chef as we could, while we were in USA. ‘wichcraft is a sandwich take out owned by the head judge of Top Chef, Tom Colicchio. There are many branches found all around New York City (and around the country as well), and one of the closest to our hotel was the one at Bryant Park. (Technically not the closest to our hotel, but it was the closest one that served breakfast.)

We had the Stone Ground Grits and a Fried Egg Sandwich with a tall cup of lemonade. This was our first time having grits, and we became immediate fans. Kind of strange for us to like grits as much as we did, since we’re both not huge fans of porridge, or oats, and grits does have that kind of texture and appearance. It was the taste that won us over. It was mild and comforting, and the bacon and cheddar gave it a good punch of flavour. When people say everything tastes better with bacon, they really have a point there.

The fried egg sandwich was also really, really good. The gorgonzola was slightly pungent, but when combined with the other components in the sandwich, it brought everything together. We loved ‘wichcraft so much we went back the next day, and again the next day, and, well, for practically everyday we were in NYC we had ‘wichcraft for either breakfast, or an early lunch. The next time we went back to ‘wichcraft, A ordered the fried egg sandwich again, this time without gorgonzola, since she didn’t like the pungent flavour it brought. Well, the sandwich was still delicious without the gorgonzola, but there was definitely something missing, which A admitted herself as well. It is truly wonderful to see how every component in a well thought out dish, or in this case, sandwich, is important to the overall taste and presentation of the dish. By leaving one component out you deny yourself the full experience and taste that was intended by the chef.

Anyway, as we mentioned, we loved ‘wichcraft so much we kept going back. On our repeat visits we tried other sandwiches like the Roasted Turkey sandwich, which came with avocado, bacon and an onion relish and aioli on a ciabatta roll, which was also fantastic, and very generous with the avocado (in this case an unfortunate thing, since A doesn’t like avocado at all).

We also had the Slow Roasted Pork, with red cabbage, jalapeno and mustard. This is probably one of the best sandwiches ‘wichcraft has. The pork is incredibly flavourful, and would stand alone as a dish by itself in any decent restaurant. The inclusion of the jalapeno peppers gives it a good spicy kick with each bite, which we just loved to bits.

The Meatloaf sandwich, with cheddar, bacon, and a tomato relish was also really tasty. We also love their lemonade – really tangy and refreshing, perfect in that summer heat.

Service: N/A
Food: 8/10

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