Teariffic Café

51 Mott Street
New York, NY 10013
212 393 9009

Bubble tea is something we really, really like. Back in Singapore many years ago, there was a bubble tea craze that went really out of control, and though it’s died out quite a while ago, it has always retained a special place in the hearts of all Singaporeans. (Now it seems the bubble tea craze might be resurfacing woohoo!!)

While studying in London, we’ve tried very hard to find a place that sells good bubble tea. Unfortunately, none of them can ever match up to the bubble tea found in Singapore or Taiwan. Some of them can get the taste of the tea right, but not a single shop has achieved the perfect consistency of the pearls that is so important in a kickass bubble tea.

The bubble tea at Teariffic Café is quite hands down the best bubble tea we’ve ever had outside Singapore and Taiwan. The tea is fragrant and not too sweet, and the pearls are absolutely fantastic. They have the perfect balance of chewy, firm, bouncy textures, and are just lovely to enjoy on a hot summer day.

Service: NA
Food: 7/10

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