Atlantic Fish Company

761 Boylston Street
Boston, Massachusetts.
617 267 4000

K had made reservations at this restaurant ages ago, as it was rated extremely highly on practially every website he could find. It’s not the cheapest place to eat in Boston at all, but since we were only going to be in Boston for just 1 night, we wanted to have the best food experience the city had to offer, so Atlantic Fish Company we went.

The restaurant was very full when we arrived, and it was good that we had made reservations, so we could just walk past the queue and those envious glares. As its name suggests, Atlantic Fish Company serves fish. It does lots of different types of seafood, and serves some of the freshest catches of the day, straight off Boston harbour.

We ordered a New England Clam Chowder, some oysters, and a portion of crabcakes to start. The oysters are supposedly some of the best available in Boston, but to us they were very disappointing. Size-wise they looked pathetic, not plump and juicy looking, and definitely not plump and juicy tasting as well. We’ve had far better ones in Borough Market in London. In fact, those oysters we’ve had in Borough Market are the yardstick by which all other oysters will be measured against, in our book.

After the disappointing oysters, we began to question our choice of restaurant. Perhaps we would have been better off going to Quincy Market instead. However, the moment we sank our teeth in the crabcakes, all was forgiven. Those crabcakes had so much flavour and crab that it really gave new meaning to the name ‘crabcake’. They were literally cakes made of nothing but crab. We could see the moist juicy chunks of crab in the crabcake, and with every bite we got a taste of the sea. Sometimes it is best to leave seafood in its pure, freshest form and not mess around with it too much. With the crabcakes at Atlantic Fish Company, they’ve managed to mess around with the crab a little, yet still be able to elevate it and put their own spin on such a simple dish.

Our Clam Chowder was also extremely well done. There were lovely chunks of clams and seafood in the chowder, and we can totally see why it won all the awards it did. One thing that puzzles us though, is the little packet of ‘oyster crackers’ served alongside the clam chowder that we see so very often. They’re probably meant to play the role of the croutons in the soup, but we honestly don’t see how it enhances the soup in any way. For a restaurant like Atlantic Fish Company, it seems like such a cop out to use generic store-bought crackers like these. Shame on you.

For mains, A had a Grilled Swordfish, and K had a steamed Fresh Maine Lobster, with crab stuffing. The swordfish was well cooked, but A wasn’t a fan of the texture of the fish. Perhaps salmon or cod would have been a better choice of fish for her, but nevertheless, it was definitely very fresh and well seasoned.

K’s lobster was outstanding. It was fresh and juicy, and the crab stuffing was one of the most tasty things we’ve ever had in a long time. The side of corn that came with the dish was also so wonderfully sweet and wholesome. Definitely worth every single penny.

If you have some spare money to spend in Boston, (well make that a lot of spare money to spend), Atlantic Fish Company is the perfect place for dinner. The crabcakes and the lobster with crab stuffing are absolute must haves when you’re there, and we guarantee (bad pun alert!) you’ll leave well stuffed too.

Service: 8.5/10
Food: 8.5/10

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