(/Too much information alert!)

We had frozen yogurt quite a lot in the days before we left London, and in those days A’s had extremely good bowel movements. She’s always had a problem going to the toilet regularly, and never in her life has she had as smooth bowel movements as the days when she’s had frozen yogurt. Hence, she swears by the probiotic contents in yogurt. Since leaving London, we’ve not had a chance to have any frozen yogurt, so her bowel movements went back to their old shitty ways (or lack thereof). We’ve heard about Berryline from a few people, and were very excited to go there for our frozen yogurt fix.

(/Too much information alert!)


Berryline is near Harvard Square, and is frequented by Harvard students. There’s not much seating available in the shop, so the sidewalks outside Berryline are usually full of people enjoying their froyo.

We tried the coconut almond flavour, the lychee flavour and the original flavour. All were excellent, and you can add a whole range of toppings on your frozen yogurt. We loved the strawberry and mango toppings. They were so refreshing and addictive that after finishing a small cup each, we went back for a second round! They were that good.

Service: NA
Food: 7/10

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