You know when we said that Penang (in Evanston) was the best restaurant serving South East Asian food outside South East Asia that we’ve ever been to? Scrap that. Noodles in Bellagio, Las Vegas now takes that honor.

We wanted an Asian meal in Las Vegas that wasn’t Panda Express (lol), and looking through the directory of restaurants in various hotels on the strip, we narrowed it down to 2 places – Noodles in Bellagio, and a Chinese restaurant in Caesars Palace. Thank God we decided to go to Noodles, as we ended up having a super amazing meal there.

The chef at Noodles is Singaporean, and he tries to keep his food as authentic as possible. Our starter of Roti Prata was really good, crispy and fluffy in all the right places. Even the curry was really authentic, and it had a slight sourish taste as roti prata curries all have.

The Hainanese Chicken Rice at Noodles is also very good. The chicken isn’t as cold as it should have been, but every other aspect of the dish was recreated very well. The chicken was juicy and tender, with a little of that wonderful jellied fat just under the skin, and the soup was just awesome. There was also a little bit of the ground ginger paste that we first had in Soup Kitchen in Singapore that we just love to bits, so additional points for that for sure!

Our other main, the Char Kwey Tiao, was by far the best Char Kwey Tiao outside Singapore we’ve ever had. There was fantastic wok hei, and incredible flavour in that dish. The only problem would be that it needed some cockles, but then again, we’ve never seen cockles outside Singapore (/Malaysia) ever, so I guess we should be contented with what we’ve got.

The side dish of sambal kangkong we ordered was also fantastic. All the flavours really brought back memories of food from home. (Recall with our review of Rasa Sayang in London when we said that eating at restaurants like these should help satisfy cravings, not make our cravings even worse?) Noodles has well and truly satisfied our Singaporean food cravings way beyond our expectations, and is the place to check out if you’re in Las Vegas and have a craving for some Singaporean delights.

Since we were starving (at time of ordering), we also ordered a platter of char siew and roast duck. These were just average. The char siew was quite nice, but the roast duck just paled in comparison to the ones we’ve had in London (and this justifies our belief that the best roast duck to be had in the world is in 4 Seasons in London). What a pity. Then again, Noodles is probably the place to go to for South East Asian food. The non-South East Asian dishes in their menu are probably just filler, for those who aren’t as adventurous, who like their food more Chinese.

Once again, we ended up with too much food. It would be a crime to let such good food go to waste and end up in the rubbish bin, so we asked for some take away boxes, and packed ourselves a really nice bento box to take away for lunch the next day, when we were going to be in Zion National Park on a little road trip. When we got back to Las Vegas after our road trip, we headed straight for Noodles for another meal! This time we tried the Singaporean Laksa as well, which was also very nice, though it wasn’t the most authentic version of Laksa, with large chunky slices of chicken.

Service: 7.5/10
Food: 7.5/10


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