Boston and Maine Fish Company

After our feeding frenzy in New York we headed to Boston, and felt like we had to detox for a bit, so for dinner we had a simple meal of instant noodles in our hotel room. Feeling suitably detoxed the next day, we went straight for lunch in Quincy Market with a friend of A’s, YL, who’s doing a PhD in Harvard, and very kindly agreed to bring us around the city.

When in Boston it would be an absolute sin not to have lobster and clam chowder. There are numerous stalls in Quincy Market selling lobster and clam chowder, but A remembered having one from a particular store that was pretty good when she came to Boston about 3 years ago. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, so we set out to find that stall from her memory.


The clam chowder at Boston and Maine Fish Company is seriously good. It’s rich and creamy and packed full of seafood, absolutely overflowing in that little cup that they serve it in. A packet of oyster crackers are given together with the chowder, but they don’t add very much to the dish except for some texture perhaps. You can have, as YL did, your clam chowder in a bread bowl, which is probably a meal in itself if you finish the bread bowl too.


We got ourselves a lobster roll, which was just stuffed with lobster. They don’t scrimp on portions here for sure, and are equally big on taste. While tucking into our lobster roll, we saw our steamed lobster being prepared. The cook dunks the entire lobster in a pot, and after a while, it emerges red as a, …, lobster. He butchers the lobster, and presents the entire thing on a plate with some corn and butter.


What better way to have lobster than to eat it fresh and au natural? The lobster was slightly overcook, but still sweet and wonderful enough on its own without needing the bit of butter on the side. The corn was mushy though, so we barely touched it.

Overall this was a really nice meal, and A got a really good chance to catch up with her Primary School classmate, YL. If we had more time in Boston we would definitely have returned to Quincy Market to try out the food at other stalls, as they all looked really good.

Service: NA
Food: 6.5/10

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