This is a popular chain of Mexican takeaway found all over the US. You can have your choice of meat wrapped in a burrito, or you can take the healthy route and have it lopped on a salad. We got ourselves some chicken and rice, with just a small serving of black beans, and had it wrapped in a burrito, with some spicy salsa.

The burrito was extremely filling, and the salsa gave it a really nice kick. The chicken wasn’t overcooked, which is quite surprising for a fast food joint, and together with the portion of chips and (quite average) guacamole, was far too much for K to finish. Overall we quite liked the burrito – thought that it had some nice flavour. However, since we’re not experts on Mexican food, we can’t say for sure how this burrito compares to the real thing in Mexico, so we’re not going to be too generous with our praises on this one. Nevertheless, definitely a popular choice among Americans for their burritos, so large they’re easily the size of your head.

Service: NA
Food: 6/10

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