Bon Bibimbap

Address: Jongno 3 (sam) ga
Directions: Take exit 15 of Jongno 3 (sam) ga, and walk straight until you reach a traffic light. Cross over to the other side of the road and turn left. Bon Bibimbap is a few meters down this street.

We’ve been to Gogung and have had ultra traditional Korean food. Bon Bibimbap serves a very commercial, modern take on traditional Korean dishes like the classic noodle soup dish and bibimbap. There are a couple of branches of Bon Bibimbap across Seoul.

We ordered a spicy seafood noodle soup, a bibimbap with pork, and some dumplings. The dumplings were delicious – fresh and tasty, but not as delicate as the mandu dumplings in Myeongdong Kyoja.

The bibimbap was quite different from the one we had in Gogung. The flavours in the bibimbap in Bon Bibimbap are very similar to the ones we’ve had in Singapore, and in Biwon in London. Unfortunately, it comes with a fried egg, instead of a raw egg, as we like in our bibimbap.


Our spicy seafood noodle soup was very nice. The broth was very spicy and had some nice flavours. The noodles were clearly handmade and extremely slippery and silky smooth. Unfortunately, the seafood was a little overcooked, and so the baby squid pieces were tough and chewy.

This is a place where you’ll be given a nice introduction to Korean food, but it’s not really somewhere where you’ll get truly authentic food. The mains all come with a set consisting of some assorted kimchi, soup and this strange sweet drink (which we didn’t really like), and none of the flavours in those assorted kimchi were too bold, so it won’t scare away any first time kimchi eaters. Unfortunately, we like our kimchi with some kick, so this isn’t quite the right place for us.

Service: 6/10
Food: 6/10

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