Bulgogi Brothers

Address: Myeongdong
Directions: From the catholic cathedral in Myeongdong, head down the slope towards the main shopping area of Myeongdong. Bulgogi Brothers will be on your right just at the bottom of the slope.

Bulgogi Brothers is a very popular place for barbecue. They use electric heating, and serve their food in a posh-ish restaurant, so it’s quite the choice for dating couples. In fact, their beef patties come in heart shapes!

They only serve beef in Bulgogi Brothers, and since beef is kind of considered a more atas meat as compared to pork, prices there are accordingly more expensive than at other more traditional places. The quality of the beef is excellent. Every thing is very well cut and marinated, and the side dishes are pretty good, though refills don’t seem possible (or maybe it was just because we were too shy to ask).

We ordered a Yukhwei (probably the wrong spelling) on top of our assorted cuts of barbecueable beef. Yukhwei is a beef tartare with sweet pear which we fell in love with when we first tried it in Koba, so this was one of the things we wanted to try in Korea. The version at Bulgogi Brothers is fantastic. The dish is a little sweet, from the pear and the sauce. The beef is icy cold, and the pear and cucumber slices give the dish a crisp, clean taste. It was a lovely and refreshing dish.

Service: 7/10
Food: 7/10

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