Myeongdong Kyoja

Address: Myeongdong
Directions from website: Take the main road into Myeong-dong from Lotte Grand Department store area and walk up until you see WHO.A.U clothes store. Turn at the block, and you will see the restaurant.

This restaurant has a couple of branches all over Seoul (and possibly Korea), and they all seem extremely popular. Queues form very quickly during meal times, and stretch right down the street. They’re famous for their kalguksu (noodles) and their mandu dumplings. The restaurant is not very large, and what was really interesting was the individual booths for solo diners, that are partitioned like library study tables!

We ordered the kalguksu, and asked for some kimchi as well. We had to pay for our food at the time of ordering, and realized that there is no charge for kimchi! On top of that, the servers walk around the restaurant offering you more kimchi if you’ve finished yours. So you’d think that the kimchi would be just so-so if they’re just giving it away free right? Wrong. Their kimchi is amazing! It is chock full of wonderful seasoning, and with each bite you slowly peel away the layers of flavours and spices. It is a truly complex kimchi, and so full of garlic (they probably used many different kinds of garlic as well) that we wished we hadn’t turned away their offer of mints at the start of our meal.

Our kalguksu (noodles) came soon, and on top of it were 3 little dumplings. The dumplings were small but who needs quantity when you’ve got quality? They were so smooth and silky and the filling was so delicious that we made a note to return to have more. The noodles were also smooth and silky, and just slid down our throats – very easy to slurp and polish off the whole bowl in seconds.



This place is a must try when you’re in Korea, just make sure you get there early, or be prepared to queue for ages!

Service: 6.5/10
Food: 8/10


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