Address: Myeongdong
Directions: This is just next to Gogung.

After our lunch at Gogung, we noticed this little restaurant that was attracting quite a crowd. We made a note to return someday to check it out, and ended up returning that very same day for dinner!

We ordered a platter of various pork cuts to barbecue and a kimchi stew. The kimchi appetizer that was brought to us was a little tangy and we weren’t sure that we liked it as much as the other kimchis we’ve had so far in Korea. However, their kimchi stew, which was made using that very same sour-ish kimchi, was just perfect. Somehow when transformed into a stew, the tangyness really works, and creates a wonderful broth that is just irresistible. Just as a side note, we are just wowed by the fact that every place makes their own version of kimchi, and no two kimchis from different restaurants ever taste the same. It’s just remarkable to see the pride everyone takes in their own kimchi.

When our pork platter was brought to us, we were slightly disappointed. The meats were just simply sliced and presented without being marinated beforehand, and we were convinced that there wasn’t going to be a lot of flavour at all in those meats. However, we were so wrong. After the meat has been barbecued, you’re supposed to use a piece of lettuce, with some condiments and sauces, to wrap the meat and eat it as a little spring roll, if you will. This little parcel-y thing was seriously good. We found that the lack of marinade allowed us to taste the fresh, natural flavours of the meat, and with all the various condiments and sauces, we could create that perfect bite with our simple, unassuming slices of pork.

Service: 7/10
Food: 7/10

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