Teumsae Ramyeon

Address: Myeongdong
Directions from website: After coming out of exit 8 of Myeongdeong Station (line 4), go walk the small street between Crown Bakery and the convenience store for about 100 meters. When you see Chungmu Gimbap, turn right and walk straight for another 20 meters, you will see it on the right side.

Yeah, you will see it only if you understand and can read Korean. This is a seriously hard to find place. Our suggestion: just ask the locals. We asked a nice little old man and he gave us some directions to find this restaurant. However, because there aren’t any non-Korean signage, we ended up having to ask someone else to show us the exact location of the restaurant. Turns out we had to enter via a small little door and go up to the second floor. Even then we kept guessing if we were in the right place, as there was no menu given to us. There are (apparently) just 2 items on the ‘menu’ in Teumsae Ramyeon – spicy ramen and non-spicy ramen. We ordered the spicy ramen, and helped ourselves to some lovely pickles and water.

The restaurant is very small, and its walls and ceiling are covered completely with messages from their customers, probably writing about how much they love the food at Teumsae Ramyeon. Our noodles came very quickly. Boy, were they spicy. The noodles had very good texture – firm and al dente, but the star was seriously the broth. It was extremely spicy and packed full with flavour, but after a while you really don’t taste anything anymore as your tongue just gets completely numb and tingling.

Overall this place is quite worth checking out, just to try their spicy ramen. It’s not easy to find, and if you don’t read or speak Korean it’s potentially a very frustrating and confusing experience, but the spicy broth will really kick your ass and provide you a truly memorable experience. Little bit of trivia as well: they package their noodles and sell them as instant noodles!

Service: 6/10
Food: 6.5/10


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