About us

We used to live in London while we did our postgraduate studies. Upon completion of that chapter of our lives we’ve moved back to our country, Singapore, and are doing our very best to contribute to society as two very dedicated teachers.

We believe that since you have to eat to live, why not make it an art? We have travelled widely and we love all kinds of food. Before we make any plans to visit a particular restaurant, we tend to read about it online first, so it was natural that one day we thought of having a food blog of our own.

“Jiaseemee” is a Hokkien phrase that translates literally to “eating what?”  In this blog we share our food experiences, keeping it simple and basic. We believe that part of the dining experience is also the way the restaurant looks and the service they give to us customers, so there is a litte note on that aspect as well.

While we try to clear our backlog of restaurant reviews asap, feel free to leave comments and share your own experiences with us too!

4 responses to “About us

  1. Jessy Prestidge

    Hi guys,

    Found your Ping Pong review, I’m just wondering what the best way is to make contact with either of you?



  2. Awesome blog!

    I really admire how you both have kept up this blog for more than 2 years! I’ve attempted similar ventures but laziness simply got the better of me…

  3. Hi,

    We wanted to thank you for visiting Shake Shack and for sharing your experience on your site. We are thrilled to see you enjoyed your meal, and look forward welcoming you back again in the future. Many thanks for letting your readers know about Shake Shack.


    The Shake Shack Team

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