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Wimpy’s Grill

On the corner of Hillsborough Road and Hicks Street
(919) 286-4380

Wimpy’s is a small little take away almost in the middle of nowhere, in a town that’s quite in the middle of nowhere itself. They specialize in old fashioned style hot dogs and hamburgers, and one of their burgers, the Garbage Burger, was featured on one episode of Man vs Food. The Garbage Burger is a burger monstrosity, with more beef and cheese and toppings and thus, fats, than one should ever consume in a week, which sounds just perfect if you ask me.


We didn’t order the Garbage Burger, going for a far more sensible option, and built our own burger. We had a cheeseburger with some classic toppings like onions, lettuce, and of course, bacon. The burger was absolutely delicious. There was nothing wimpy about the burger. The beef patty was nicely marinated and it was a beautiful, sloppy creation. I could eat this all day if I had unlimited calories to spare.

We got for ourselves a small side of French Fries, and they were one of the best fries we’ve ever had. Clearly, they don’t conform to our modern day expectations of the way healthier food should be prepared, since they probably use animal fat to fry their fries in, but oh boy were they tasty.

This place is extremely popular among locals, and among students at Duke University. You’ll definitely need a car to get there, and a very good reason to be in the neighborhood in the first place, but when you do, you’ll definitely be blown away by their awesome burgers and fries.

Service: NA
Food: 7/10


2812 Erwin Rd, 
Durham, NC 27705
(919) 383-4747

When we told our friends we were going to Duke University to visit a friend, and would be staying there for 4 days, their first reactions were ‘but there’s nothing to do in Duke!!’ Yeah, we know, there’s absolutely nothing in Duke, but that’s not the point. We really wanted to visit a friend of A’s, who’s in Duke starting on her Masters, and we just wanted to chill out and relax for a while after soaking up the sun in Orlando.

They were all right. There is nothing to do in Duke. Absolutely nothing. The Duke chapel is quite pretty, but that just takes you half an hour at a stretch to visit. There’s a large-ish gift shop for Duke memorabilia, but that too takes not more than half an hour. We managed to entertain ourselves for a full day going shopping in their mall (which was absolutely empty because we went on a weekday so it was lovely being able to shop without throngs of crazy shoppers). 4 days in Duke is quite plenty to see everything, and that’s putting it mildly. However, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in Duke, mostly due to the wonderful company we had. A’s friend CM was a great host, driving us around to explore the area, and introducing us to her friends, who were a really nice bunch of people to hang out with. We know she’s in good hands while she spends the rest of the academic year in a foreign land.

One of the places they brought us to was Nosh (nORsh is how we would say it, nAHsh as the Americans would). This is a cool little café that serves simple bites like sandwiches, breakfast items, and soups. We ordered our food and managed to find a table to sit the 6 of us. All around the dining room are a variety of games for customers to play with while they wait for their food. (Very good idea in fact, it frees up to kitchen to take their time with orders, so food can be prepared in a less stressful environment.) We took the scrabble set, and played Speed Scrabble! The game works like scrabble, but instead of all players working on one board, each player has his own board, and the first to use all their tiles to form words wins. It was a blast!


Back to the food. K had a breakfast burrito with eggs, cheese, and a side of potatoes. This was quite filling, very tasty, and the hint of curry in the potatoes was very nice. There were some egg shells embedded in the burrito unfortunately, which isn’t the most pleasant thing to bite into. They’re a pain to remove once you’ve bitten into them.


A had buttermilk pancakes. They were HUGE. Each pancake was the size of her face, and they were so thick and filling that one pancake would have been more than enough for her. Luckily, they were quite good. The pancakes were light and fluffy, but one still wonders how anyone would be able to finish a large stack of these things, as they start to become quite one-dimensional (read: boring) after a while. Bring me some bacon!!

Service: NA
Food: 6.5/10